Lecture Topics

Maria’s seminars and workshops assist corporations, businesses, educators, medical communities and the public in recognizing the needs and understanding the laws concerning people with disabilities.

New! "Hey Mom Look at That!" This topic stresses how important it is to teach our children about people with disabilities. Here Maria gives parents the answers to the most common questions that children ask when they see a person with a disability. Maria will teach parents how to convey their answers in a positive light.

Disability Awareness and Etiquette: Today people with disabilities are our co-workers, our customers, our neighbors, and our friends. Here Maria talks about the basic concepts of etiquette when meeting and working with someone who is disabled as well as using appropriate terminology.

Interviewing Skills - Interviewing a Candidate with a Disability: From setting up the interview (for example, is the office wheelchair accessible) to what questions can and cannot be asked, this workshop uses all aspects of interviewing and hiring a candidate with a disability.

Sexuality and Persons with Disabilities: These workshops can be tailored for your audience. Topics include disability and intimacy, "Circles Series", training to decrease the vulnerability of persons with mental retardation and developmental disabilities, and health education for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Discrimination and the Independent Living Movement: This topic includes the history of the Independent Living Movement from the 1960's to today and discussion of how this movement has shaped our laws, attitudes, and perceptions about people with disabilities.

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